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'When in doubt, come back to yourself; silence is loaded with answers'

Trained via Yoga Alliance in Darjeeling, India we bring the 5,000 year old yogic philosophies into all aspects of Inspire & Rewire.  Yoga is so much more than just the Asana’s or the physical practice.  Yoga means the union of the mind, body and soul which is a vast subject. We offer Hatha Yoga with a meditative flow to focus on the mindfulness aspect of yoga.  Hatha means the sun/moon so with our fluid movements we aim to balance all aspects of our being and bring ourselves back home to ourselves.   Through allowing our mind to let go and by utilising the postures for our practice we get to unite our mind, body and soul, leaving the class blissful in our own self-acceptance.

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Tuesday: 4:15-5:15pm Beehive Healthcare CH2 2DX (free parking)

Wednesday: 7-8:15pm Oddfellow’s Hall/Lodge, Saltney (free parking)

There are various styles of yoga, the Yoga Flow is trained in is traditional Hatha Flow trained in Darjeeling under Yoga Alliance Accreditation Typical. We enjoy morning energising sessions and evening restorative; candle yoga, yin or Chakra balancing yoga for the ultimate peace and rebalance which is the highest form of yoga (meditation).

Yoga’s ultimate aim is to find bliss and peace, with meditation being the highest form of yoga. The other parts of yoga are the theory/ teachings and practice on a way of life in terms of mindset, health and cleansing which is why Yoga can work as a preventative measure to dis-ease, combined with a healthy lifestyle. Meditation is the concentration of thoughts to one point of concentration (Dharana) which leads to full meditation (Dyhana). This can take place through guided meditation, breath work, object focus, and can also be obtained through passion such as painting, work, chanting and mantra, resulting in solutions, creativity, visioning and general relaxation based on brainwaves that promotes healing and rest more than you get from the deepest sleep. This is a journey within and you will find your own route to it.

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