‘Not until we are lost, are we able to find ourselves again; the entrance to the sanctuary is inside you’, Henry David, Rumi

Retreats are an amazing way to take a step back for a chance to observe, assess, recharge or make changes.

Trigonos 'Letting Go' Retreat

Triganos, Snowdonia

25th – 27th October 2019

Nantle Trigonos October retreat: Letting Go (for Autumn)
‘When in doubt come back to yourself; silence is loaded with answers’

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Spanish Mountains & Yoga Blissout


24th – 28th May 2019

Space and time to breathe.
Yoga, walking, workshops, meditations all set in a nature reserve in Andalusia.

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Anxiety & Fatigue Sanctuary

Trigonos, Snowdonia

13-15th March 2020

Lakes, mountains and healing.
Anxiety talk, Art Healing and Singing for the Soul.

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Ayurvedic Sri Lankan Retreat

Sri Lanka

25th -30th March 2020

Clear waters, tree lined white sand beaches. An Ayurvedic themed retreat on Sri Lanka’s beautiful south coast.

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My Solo Retreat - Pod Cam

Anxiety & Fatigue - Testimony

Anxiety & Fatigue Compilation

PAST RETREAT: Trigonos 2016/2017

Walking meditation, Chakra Introduction, NLP techniques workshop, Cutting cords, Pranayama and Meditation workshop

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PAST RETREAT: September Sanctuary 2017

The Lake District – Hot tub, treatments available, EFT and Self-Hypnosis workshops

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PAST RETREAT: Spanish Getaway - self love, journeying home

mountains, sun and culture, all wrapped around yoga (2016)

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Realign yourself

Bring you back to yourself

Whether joining a public retreat as an individual or as a private group, retreats aim to bring you back to yourself to realign you on your path with vitality and focus


Topics can include, but not limited to:

Yoga & Meditation Creative (e.g. writing/ drawing) Healing (various approaches) Mindfulness/ mindset Leadership


Retreats can be specific or general with a blended pick and mix approach

We have options for a quick UK timeout up to a full week away either in the UK or overseas.

Please note that all deposits are non-refundable. This ensures that your room is booked and confirmed as requested. Payment to be made in full 2 weeks prior to event.


22 September 201910:00am - 12:30pmMini Retreat/Spa Days
25 October 2019Friday to SundaySnowdonia, Nantle Trigonos October retreat: Letting Go (for Autumn)
24 November 201910:00am - 12:30pmMini Retreat/Spa Days
1 March 202010:00am - 12:30pmMini Retreat/Spa Days
13 March 2020Pressing Pause Retreat (2 night weekend)
25 March 2020Wednesday to MondaySri Lanka 2020 – 5 nights, 6 days
26 April 202010:00am - 12:30pmMini Retreat/Spa Days
24 May 202010:00am - 12:30pmMini Retreat/Spa Days
26 July 202010:00am - 12:30pmMini Retreat/Spa Days
30 August 202010:00am - 12:30pmMini Retreat/Spa Days
27 September 202010:00am - 12:30pmMini Retreat/Spa Days
18 October 202010:00am - 12:30pmMini Retreat/Spa Days
29 November 202010:00am - 12:30pmMini Retreat/Spa Days

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