Spain – Andalucia, Granada (self-love, journeying home)

Spanish Getaway Retreat

START DATE: ,    WHERE: Spain, Andalucia
COST: starting from £590

THIS RETREAT WAS IN 2018, Please CLICK HERE for 2019 Spanish Retreat details


Come & immerse yourself for 5 nights and 6 days in a breathtaking retreat in Spain 28th April – 3rd May

“When in doubt come back to yourself; silence is loaded with answers”

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It’s time to reconnect with ourselves, with our feminine energy and it’s true power; a beautiful combination of calm-assertiveness with nurturing love.  Are you connected to what makes you happy? To what brings you joy? To your passions that lead to peace and harmony in your body and mind? On this retreat our theme is self-love.  We aim to take out the negative association that comes with the idea of looking after yourself – that when we hear the word ‘selfish’ we feel bad.  Looking after yourself is in fact a selfless act in its selfishness.  By taking time to pause, to relax, or to action the things you’ve always wanted to, it means you’re in tune with yourself, resonating on the vibration of love.  In turn we feel lighter, peaceful, calm and as we dissolve those judgements of ourselves, we dissolve the judgment of others.  Let your light shine so bring that you help others see the way out of the dark.  To do so, it means tending to yourself first.  Then you can truly shine with authentic compassion and energy.

Whether you are a new mum, or your brood has flown the nest, or single and looking for someone to fill that gap; the relationship you have with yourself is the most important, and the longest and the quality of this one impacts the quality of all the others.  Come and immerse yourself into 6 days, and 5 nights of Spring sunshine, like-minded ladies and pure energy of love.  Listen to your body, listen to what you want to do and don’t want to do.  All our yoga sessions, meditations and mindfulness/ philosophy will be based on this theme, bringing you back to somewhere very familiar – you.  Your true self.

As the weather slowly improves around April, we enjoy welcomed longer daylight hours in the UK, buspain 4t often we experience the April showers.  The timing of this retreat has been picked especially to optimise on the perfect Spanish weather of this time of year; not too hot to do Yoga outside but warm enough to enjoy your own relaxation around the pool.  With fresh wonderful vegetarian food in abundance and daily gentle yoga with day trips, and an optional choice to stay longer in the resort if you wish to extend your holiday, this retreat lends itself to the perfect refresh and energy boost.  With this fitting in over the bank holiday what better opportunity to extend your rest with just 2 days booked off work?









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This yoga holiday includes:

  • 5 nights’ accommodation
  • 2 delicious vegetarian meals per day for 5 days and snacks/ drinks (arrival day will be dinner only)
  • Daily morning Hatha Flow/Vinyasa Yoga classes – – focus on beginners level with options for intermediate level
  • Daily evening Restorative Yoga (where possible)
  • Guided meditations and Relaxation
  • Breathing exercises (Pranayama)
  • Teachings on Yoga Philosophy
  • Sunset/ Sunrise Yoga
  • 1 day trip to the famous Alhambra in Granada and 1 evening trip for Flamenco dance show, opting in or out of the pre- workshop (including meals and transport)
  • Optional walks (included in cost)
  • Beach visit and horseback riding can be arranged at an extra cost. Perhaps a visit to the beach on the last day to extend your trip – check out 12 noon

We believe in choice and options for your happiness and freedom, so you can opt out of any of the program should you wish to enjoy your quiet time alone, yet there will also be segments allowing for that time.   You do not need to be an experienced Yogi to join; the sessions will focus on a meditative flow to help release and relax the body, mind and soul from.  If you are more experienced Yogi there will be options for you to challenge even further.

The Retreat:

The Lucia Yoga Retreat Centre offers a charming and newly renovated traditional Spanish house in Caparacena, Andalucia  in the stunning Spanish countryside. Caparacena offers it all in close proximity- beaches, mountains, lakes, and sunshine, and with the beautiful Cubillas Natural Reservoir right on its doorstep, Caparacena makes the ideal spot for picturesque views and relaxing walks.

The Lucia Yoga Centre itself is surrounded by olive trees and large open lush green spaces, and is close to the beautiful Sierra Elvira mountains (offering the perfect place to walk or hike). Keen hikers may also wish to visit the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada which is a 1-hour drive away.

Sierra Nevada and the beautiful coast of Costa Tropical are an hour’s journey. In half an hour you reach Granada city (30 min for the centre, Granada is closer by 10min), and the famous Alhambra Palace.  We will also be 45 minutes drive from the beach and 1h Malaga airport, 20min Granada airport.  The Centre offers a luxurious rural retreat centre equipped to guarantee maximum comfort to deliver an unforgettable experience. It offers all types of rooms, each with a private bathroom, comfortable living rooms, and WiFi (amongst other services). Should you wish to extend your holiday at the villa do let us know. 


  • Beautiful Yoga Shala
  • An indoor restaurant and a terrace dining room
  • A beautiful garden
  • Swimming Pool in the garden
  • Wifi
  • Air Conditioning
  • TV Room and lounge area
  • 9 Twin Rooms: (two single beds)
  • 4 Triples (can be twins):
  • 4 Double Rooms:
  • 2 Suite Junior:1 Dorm: 1-6 people

Offering a delicious vegetarian diet, you will enjoy the flavours of the Mediterranean, one of the healthiest diets in the world allowing you to clean and cleanse your body so you maximise the full benefits of your retreat. The Centre uses fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and the best olive oil, all supplied by local experts to guarantee the best 100% vegetarian Mediterranean flavour. 

Transport from the airport

You will be responsible for your own flight and costs. Flights vary from Easy Jet and Jet 2.  Skyscanner can help to establish the cheapest flight.  There will be a lot of options to Malaga where we can arrange a pick up (see below).   However remember that you can be flexible around dates. If you wish you can stay an extra day at the resort or more and get the best bargain for your flights.  If you would like to stay extra please let me know in advance to arrange the accommodation. Remember that Jet 2 also fly from Liverpool to Malaga.  It appears that the most common flight arrivals from Jet 2 arrive 13:50, Monach 11:10 and Easy Jet 10:05 (this data is as of October 2016). We will arrange a pick up from the airport at 16:00 for a group.  Those that opt for the early flight can either take a leisurely lunch or make their own way to the villa. If there are more than 4 we can arrange an extra pick up.  There is also Ryan Air and Norwegian that come in at different times.  I will keep you informed if people book the same flight as you.   Here is a link to the skyscanner search 

The return will be decided at a a midway time based on people’s flights on the final day back to the airport.  Distance: 1h Malaga airport 20min Granada airport. Prices per Person: 35 EUR GBP per way up to 40 people (Minimum 6 people).  In case some of you opt for a earlier or later flight pick up can be arranged for one, two or three people €120-150 per way in a car.  Should you wish to make your own way to the villa by other transport, the address is; Pinos Puente, Granada, Spain. Contact no.  There are also buses if you would like to save on transport costs.  

By Bus: There are public buses from Malaga Airport to Granada city every hour. If you opt for the Granada airport we can also arrange a pick up there which is much closer and cheaper collection but flights might be more expensive.  Do let us know if you require a pick up from there. Costs for bus is €11-13 per way. Please click here for the link to the bus time table.  Feel free to email me to discuss options for your transport (and I can also send you the bus time tables) and please let me know your flight detail in advance.

A Bit about the Yoga leader: Nicola Wagstaff (Darjeeling, India – Yoga Alliance).

With a background in learning and development industry, Nicola decided to move even further into the mind and our psychology and how the mind, body and soul are linked.  Now as a Hypnotherapist, Wellbeing Coach and holistic therapist, Reiki Master and Yoga teacher, international speaker she has now channeled her energy into helping others find their peace, discovering their own tools to gain control back on their inner peace with ownership on the direction of their lives.  

Nicola Wagstaff (Dip, BSc Hons, MCIPD)


At Inspire & Rewire, we categorise our retreats based on 3 levels to suit budget and options:  1. Low cost .2. Medium 3. High/ Luxury and combinations of those options.

For this retreat we are catering for medium-high based for 5 nights teaching, accommodation, organic meals, cultural trips and activities – ensuite room options and a pool)

  • £650 normal cost for the retreat based on a single room
  • Early Bird: £625  booked end of Feb ‘17
  • EXTRA Early Bird for £590 booked 2nd Dec 2016

This is based on sharing. There is a supplement of £8 per night when staying in a double or twin room for 1 person only, regardless of any early bird booking.

  • Longer stays are available to enjoy the resort (ask for details if interested)
  • First come first served for room allocation. Places limited so book early
  • A non-refundable deposit of £200 is required to secure your spot
  • Full balance to be paid in full by end of March ‘17
  • Terms and conditions apply.  Upon raising your interest through contacting Inspire and Rewire we will provide full terms and conditions with our welcome note with more information including extra detail on the agenda.

photos of the venue

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