Pressing Pause Retreat (2 night weekend)

START DATE: 13 Mar, 2020,    WHERE: Trigonos, Snowdonia, Nanttle
COST: from £325

Come & immerse yourself for 2 nights and 3 days in a rejuvenating, replenishing, rebalancing

“When in doubt come back to yourself; silence is loaded with answers”

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This retreat is specially designed for people who experience chronic or regular bursts of anxiety or something similar whether generally worrisome mind or experience elements of an overactive mind. All classes and workshops will be tailor-made for this, allowing you to enjoy a weekend of stress-free ease with plenty of downtime and chances to use new techniques. Not to mention be around like-minded souls to truly feel understood and listened to.



Yoga level

This is set to a gentle yoga level. We wouldn’t describe it as beginners or advanced because yoga means more than the physical. However, it’s a good level for beginners to join even if you’ve never done yoga before. Those who are more experienced are more than welcome to our classes and retreats and often do so due to the mindfulness-based approach to yoga and the emphasis on emotional release as part of the yogic process, in support of their more physical-based yoga.

Yoga means the union of the mind, body, and soul and is more than yoga asanas (postures) so for a holistic approach to rest, relaxation and rebalance – and therefore overall healing and wellness this yoga retreat would be right for you. We encourage you to take your own leadership in classes, to increase or lower energy levels and what you put in, based on your intuition for your body that day or for your mind. This builds confidence and self-leadership to make your own choices and lead your life to what is right for you. Only you know the difference between challenge, pain, lethargy etc and each day is different.

When you feel you want to just be present in the energy of a class but not be too physically involved you will be encouraged to stop and rest and just be. This is especially good for people with fatigue or recovering from illness.

Anxiety and fatigue

If you regularly experience anxiety or have had an acute stage turn chronic or excessive and need some much needed time out, but also learning and practicing the tools and techniques to gain your life back through then you will find it on this much-needed sanctuary. You will be welcomed gently and be comforted knowing you are in a safe place surrounded by supportive people.

The Retreat Leader

Nicola specialise in anxiety relief, having experienced it herself on various levels from burnout, stress, grief, trauma, illness to motheprofile mainrhood, and she believes that breaking the anxiety cycle comes through the choices we make. So she also knows that even stepping into a retreat can be a brave choice but remember that a retreat is how it sounds – a getaway, a relaxation and most of all full of empowered choices to do what you want when you want.

Nicola wants to share with you how we can work through anxiety by exploring various anxiety relief techniques that she has discovered on her own healing journey and also ones she has been trained in as part of my profession as a psychologist and hypnotherapist, NLP coach, trainer and facilitator, yoga and meditation teacher, reiki master and masseuse, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology amongst other bits and bars that can be found on her about us and testimonials. She has worked with naturopaths, hypnotherapists, energy healers and so on in my own recovery of adrenal fatigue and found my place back to health.

Choices and Freedom

At inspire and Rewire, we aim to restore your balance and draw out your self leadership to live an empowered life the way you know you can live it: mind, body and soul. On this retreat we will explore various techniques that you can opt in and out of. I will hold a space for you to breathe, to learn, apply and grow.

This space for you to make your own choice starts here. You can choose what you opt in or out of and with lots of down time, you can practise in your own space. For some rest as much as ‘doing’. It’s important when healing to just be, without rushing, without a deadline and without expectation. On this retreat you will have introductions to the mind, body and spirit element without being overwhelmed with in-depth technicalities that can exhaust you further or cause more anxiety, but be enough to show you what can help to reassure you and also work as a tool for you.

This is a great retreat if you struggle with getting moving or holding onto your energy as we will only tap into things at a pace that is slower and time to digest, with options to take a break and opt out. This also includes any movement that we practice.

All of the below have been known for anxiety relief and generating energy:
  • Gentle movement
  • Breathing techniques
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Nature
  • Correct Nutrition
  • Walking
  • The arts

All of which we will be doing, and more….

This yoga retreat includes:

    • Healing retreat where rest and re-setting is the focus
    • Opportunity to try yoga (2 gentle relaxation sessions)
    • Sound Healing session with Tibeten singing bowls
    • 1 main Talk
    • 2 interactive workshops (more details coming soon)
    • Walking Meditation
    • 3 wholesome vegetarian nutritious and very yummy meals
    • Fruit bowl and hot drinks (huge variety) available all day
    • Cake breaks
    • 1 free 1 hour long workshop video

Please email for a sample agenda and details of the costs and room availability




For detailed agenda and costs please email us.  Costs start from £280.

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Deposit of £100 is required to secure your spot.  Deposits are non-refundable for security of both participant and yoga teacher. If you do need to cancel and your space is filled by Inspire & Rewire, we will refund 50% of your deposit.  Where you find someone to take your place yourself we will refund 75% of your deposit.

Full terms and conditions can be found here – please make sure to read the details.


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