Monthly Sound Healing Meditations

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Sound is incredibly impactful on the mind, soul and body. This is why we enjoy certain music whether the lyrics resonate, or the beats. This is also why in yoga we chant the mantra ‘OM’ or ‘AUM’ each part of the word resonates with different parts of the body. This frequency of 432 hz is what is found in all of nature and is why it can have a healing effect.  Singing bowls and other instruments have also been used for healing purposes, moving energy around and stabilising, cleansing. We are energetic beings. Every month on a Thursday around the full moon.

We experience the three R’s during sound healing: resonance, resistance and release. Some bowls will feel harmonic and resonate well and some you may find irritating or uncomfortable, both lead the he 3rd ‘r’ – ‘release’. This can be on a physical, emotional/ soul or mind level.

Sometimes we want to know the What’s and the why’s and work things out and when necessary this is useful and sometimes we don’t need the detail. Just accept the healing that is required for you at the time. Every month is different based on what you are experiencing in life, the moon energy, your body and the theme at the time – such as the number of people etc. We begin as individuals and then our collective energy combines to raise our vibrations higher and we leave feeling lighter.

Sometimes we may feel uncomfortable or distracted and this is also just part of moving through the healing. Feel free to come and talk to me after if you want to talk it out. Likewise at times we may experience intense dreams too. This might be due to issues coming to the surface. Simply de-code your dreams and feel free to email me any time to help you unravel the message you are giving yourself.

Each time we will start with a mantra. Mantra means ‘think free’. A mantra can be anything such as ‘I am peace’ or “I am love’ , or any other affirmation. We will chant the Hindu traditional mantras but are also welcome to suggestions of any others that you may have and want to chant together in a group. Remember, although they might feel different or awkward at first, all it is is using your voice in a different way – it’s just another way of singing and it makes us feel good, and clears the mind. It’s optional to join in but why not give it a go? Sometimes we chant with the mala beads which are used to count 108 times (sometimes there are 54 or 216). The meaning of this can be found here:

Meaning of 108 times:…/12784477-why-are-there-108…

Generally speaking the session is calm, cosy, and safe. It’s a place to just chill and lay down and listen to the beautiful sounds. A healing.

Bring a mat, pillow and a blanket for extra comfort. I do have some spare but please ask prior to coming if you require one.

DOORS OPEN at 7:15pm and close at 7:30pm to allow time for your to settle in and get your spot and therefore optimum time for our session. We spend the first 10 mins or so chanting, followed by around 30-35 mins sound healing and then 10-15 minutes sharing and questions (optional participation). Sometimes we go a few minutes over so if you need to leave bang on 8:30pm please feel free and I will try to finish exactly on time.

The post code is CH4 8SG in Saltney, near the shell garage on the main strip. The entrance is quite dark to come into the car park so keep your eyes peeled 😳and see you soon 🙏


Nov 29th, Dec 20th (Winter Solstice)
Jan 24th, Feb 21st, Mar 21st, Apr 18th, May 16th, Jun 20th, Jul 18th, Aug 15th, Sep 12th, Oct 17th, Nov14th, Dec 12th

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