Individualised Hypno & Hypno Birthing recordings

As a Hypnotherapist, I cannot recommend Hypnobirthing enough. I used it when I was pregnant and also in labour. I was able to understand my own fears in depth to record my own personalised sessions which gave me confidence, calmness, clarity and empowerment in choice. I can do this for you too, by simply asking a series of questions to understand where you mind is at an then produce a beautiful unique recording that will touch your soul and support your journey.

Sample Review:

The feedback I have had is amazing and it makes me very happy that I can help other women feel calm and in control. See one of our testimonials below:

“I asked Nic to do a Hypnobirthing tape for my daughter to use in her pregnancy and throughout the labour. Using lots of positive language, affirmations and soft music in the background, she used it everyday for six months of the pregnancy to help her relax and support her with a positive mindset. During the labour, we put it on a loop and in the moments when she was having a bit of a tough time, amazingly Nic seem to come out with the right word for that moment. It was incredible!! It most definitely was a huge part of being in control, feeling positive and reaffirming that she could do it. I would recommend this to every pregnant woman to use during the pregnancy and during the labour. Even the midwives praised it. Nic has an incredible ability to tune into what her clients need and is an amazing therapist. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. x”

Sharon Shelbourne, Owner Beehive Healthcare

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Personalised Hypno Recordings

Personalised Hypno Recording Questionnaire

In order to prepare your personalised recording there are a few questions below that are required to be answered to understand what it is your feeling and what you are wishing to feel, or generally wanting to achieve through Hypnotherapy.  Using Hypnotherapy is more effective than using willpower or affirmations alone using only your conscious awareness because the subconscious is 88% of your total mind and this portion drives your everyday thinking, feeling, behaviours and actions; therefore your quality of life.  Hypnotherapy works by relaxing the body and the mind to get to a slower brainwave which allows for suggestions to be placed in the subconscious. In a recording you may not be the same as an interactive one-to-one session but it will still be effective when listened to regularly.  You are fully in control at all times and your relaxation into hypnosis is a choice made through your willingness.  You can read more about Hypnotherapy on my blog

How to get the best out of a personalised recording

It is important to note that you get out what you put in.  If you listen to your recording regularly and consistently over a period of more than 3 weeks then you will notice significant difference on how you feel.  Later once you feel you have embedded a new way of thinking and feeling you can use the recording as a ‘top-up’ every now and then.  Note also that your recording is not a replacement for long term belief patterns that may require more in depth one-to-one sessions to address underlying causes.  But in many cases because this is individualised you will notice significant progress compared to a general hypnosis recording or mediation.

You can use recorded Hypnotherapy for a variety of topics such as confidence, reducing anxiety, public speaking, fear and phobias, new ways of thinking, cutting cords with old belief systems or people/ situations/ experiences/ countries/ jobs, motivation, goal setting, finding your purpose, sleep, even pain.  The list goes on.  The more information and detail you provide in your answers, the more personalised the recording.  You don’t have to reveal personal information if you are not comfortable (although all information of course will remain confidential).  Instead if you prefer you can generalise or indicate something because your subconscious will know exactly what or who you are speaking of.

Listen to your recording when you are comfortable and will not be disturbed.  Earphones are the best to drown out outside interference. During your session where you listen to the audio, sometimes you may fall asleep and sometimes you may be very aware and conscious, either way is fine so long as you are relaxed.  Notice if you are seeing improvements even if you fall asleep.  If there are no improvements try to listen to the recording when you are not likely to fall asleep and perhaps sit up a little or fully.  When you fill in the questionnaire below take your time – you may need to spend a bit of time thinking about the answers, if you are not used to being aware of your thoughts it may take a little time to begin listening to yourself.  Try not to judge your thoughts or feelings; this is a great step towards self-awareness which is moving towards making mindful choices and making positive changes.

I look forward to preparing your audio and enjoy the process of the journey.

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