Monthly Mindfulness – Tips & Techniques for Anxiety

WHEN: 07 Sep, 2019 | 12 Oct, 2019 , 11:00-12:30
WHERE: Beehive Healthcare
COST: £10 for the session (£12 cash on door)

These days we are all consumed by ‘noise’ – whether it’s environmental factors, work, home life or media of all kinds.  Our monthly sessions allow that time-out and stillness to move beyond the choppy waves to the calmness underneath the surface.

We get together to learn tips and techniques that aid anxiety and stress relief.  You can join in the discussion or simply observe with no obligation. We then finish with a mindful meditation.  

Offering pay as you go, or a monthly package which includes discounts on a variety of mindfulness options.  Our sessions are Saturday’s 11-12:30pm Mostly the 2nd Saturday – please check for details.  

Jan 12th 11-12:30pm MONTH THEME: Where Does My Anxiety Come From?

Having experienced varying levels of anxiety in differing situations from a burnout exec in a corporate company, to being a new mum, to dealing with grief. But anxiety also bubbles up in subtle situations and often comes from a place where we have a subconscious limiting belief. These beliefs can be rewired using a variety of methods. I’m here on this day to talk about where anxiety comes from, and when it’s a normal part of our system and when it’s cause for taking action.
Through my studies in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology I share with you the chemical reactions going on in the body and the Amygdala’s influence in anxiety, as well as the more thinking side of the cause of anxiety – the cortex based, as well as when they cross over. This is where I will draw on my psychology/ hypnotherapy and NLP training.
You will leave with a few mind tools to take away with you to help you calm down the symptoms of anxiety and learn about how to reach the cause and rewire your responses, helping you lead the life you know you can.

2019 themes will be:

Jan 12th:Where does my anxiety come from? (a deeper look at the Cortex and Amygdala functions)

Feb 16th:Promoting and Actioning Self-love (why, what, how…and instill a new guilt-free mindset)

Mar 9th: Anxiety and Hormones (how they impact your mood, energy, anxiety & motivation)

Apr 13th: What We Eat and Anxiety Impact (how to focus certain food and herbs)

May 11th: Positive People are NOT Always positive (but they know how to get back up from a negative place faster; learn how)

June – no class

Jul 6th:  The Subconscious Mind & The Car Analogy (the power of subconscious, and how we drive in the real world and the mirror to our mind)

Aug 10th: Healing the Knots in the Chains (healing is a process and we unravel each knot gently to get to the core)

Sep 7th: Toxic Friendships (when is it time to move on, when it is a learning process?)

Oct 12th: The dreaded endless ‘to-do’ list(how to manage your mind differently to prevent list obsession)

Nov 30th:NLP techniques (new tools and techniques for 2019 on perspective changing)

Dec 7th: The Melatonin Impact (the darker nights and how to set a plan for preventing S.A.D)


£10 for the usual class

Videos are available of the following subjects

March: Relaxation Methods for Meditation

April: Insomnia

May: 8 Limbs of Yoga

June: Saying ‘No’

July: My 10 Day Re-set at Home

Aug: Personality & Perception

Sep: Exploring your Driving Value

Oct: Discovering your Passion

Nov: Where does your anxiety come from?

Dec: Food intake and the impact on anxiety



At Beehive Healthcare, CH2 2DX

**Please note that this is not in replacement of any therapeutic treatment from a doctor or face to face therapist. Please always seek advice.

Student’s responsibility – Meditation is a safe and effective stress management tool. However, please seek advice from your GP if you have suffered or do suffer from epilepsy, severe depression, schizophrenia, severe anxiety, or psychosis or are on medication, or under supervision by the mental health team. Any contra-indications will need consent from you GP **

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