Letting Go for Halloween

It’s that spooky time of year again where we stock up on toffee apples, dress up as
witches and wizards and carve scary faces into pumpkins. But have you ever wondered about the true origins of Halloween? And how bringing the spiritual side of Halloween could benefit your own life today?

The history

Halloween, is said to date back to Celtic traditions, in particular the Gaelic harvest festival Samhain (pronounced Sow-in). This marks the end of the year and the final harvest and is celebrated in between the Fall Equinox and the Winter Solstice. This time marks the ending of many things, such as the end of the growing season in farming. At this time of year, I am sure you are all too aware of the endings you see all around you; the leaves falling from the trees, the nights becoming darker, the temperatures plummeting, and you may even find your own energy levels start to drop. Samhain marked an important turning point in the wheel of the year, a time for endings, and a time for death. Death in this context is however seen as a positive, a period of looking inwards, of rest and of stillness during the winter phase.

I personally find during this time of year my need to go out and socialize decreases dramatically, I find myself wanting to spend a lot more time indoors, doing cosy things around the house. Traditionally people would do less outside at this time of year, and it would be a time for rest and recuperation.  On a spiritual level Samhain represents a celebration of darkness, that is a celebration of intuition, the subconscious mind and the unseen and unexplained. It is a mystical time where the veils between the living and spirit world are said to be lifted. It’s at this time of year I find my pets start to do strange things and appear as though they can see things that are not there. During this period the ancient Celts would make good use of the thinning veil and perform rituals to celebrate those who has passed and to also tap into the wisdom of the hidden realms.

How can I bring the significance of Halloween into my own life?

Nowadays we tend not to fixate on the Celtic traditions at this time of year. But there are still many ways you can bring the Ancient traditions of Halloween into your
own life if you are feeling drawn to do so. With all the references to the Spirit world right now it can be a fun time to be open to the unknown whilst bringing in some magic and intuition into your everyday life. It is also a time to reflect and celebrate the ending of a cycle, and to release and let go of what no longer serves you. This could be lower vibrational emotions such as sadness and grief, and also energies or ties to
past situations thoughts or patterns. If you have anything that you are struggling to release and let go of why not get into the Halloween spirit and perform your own Letting Go Ritual by following these easy steps below.

Letting Go Ritual

  1. Take some time to cleanse your energy with a salt bath, a cleansing meditation, or just by consciously cleansing your energy with light and returning to love.
  2. On a piece of paper write down anything you would like to release from the last year, this could be a worry, fear, old pattern or situation
  3. Now hold the piece of paper and visualise all that you wish to release is now leaving your body and into the piece of paper you are holding
  4. In a well ventilated and safe place (preferably outside) light your paper and allow it to burn whilst you reflect on the past year and visualise all of your worries being released and letting go.

Letting go of the old can have such transformative effects on our emotional and physical wellbeing. Just as we see with the trees shedding their leaves at this time of year, we too can benefit from the power of the cycles of life. By clearing the way we can invite new and creative opportunities and possibilities into our lives. So why not embrace the spiritual meaning behind Halloween this year and see what a simple ritual could do for you.

We have our annual Letting Go Retreat every year.  Next year we are holding this in a stunning venue, right on the beach in Caernarfon.  Here’s a little taster below.  You can see a simple agenda here. Register you interest with info@inspireandrewie.com

To-do or NOT to-do

Are you someone who enjoys writing lists?

We sometimes think we are super organised when we write everything down. And while that is somewhat true for brain dumping, not everything needs to stay on the list. A brain dump can simply be just that, a dump that needs flushing away, it doesn’t always end up being a job which needs to be fulfilled. Are you able to recognise when your list is getting out of hand? And if this is the case do you know how to restructure your thoughts, using categories and simplification? 

Firstly, there are so many types of lists, creative bursts of ideas which seem great at the time but when we look back realise that was just a momentary fad, or lists of commitments where we add things to ensure we remember as we risk the implications of forgetfulness. Eventually, the lists can become never-ending and this can lead to anxiety, lethargy or procrastination.

We may even find that our lives have become dictated by fulfilling our many lists, without living the things we truly want to do with our heart and soul. It’s about balance, and it can be achieved. I know this because I have been there and still find myself there from time to time. 

The power to say no

When we get to this place of anxiety or procrastination we can apply saying ‘no’ to others, but also to ourselves! (see my 5 minute taster video on my 1 hour ‘saying no’ £5 for the video – message me for details).  I discovered that it’s not my boss that makes me do things, it’s me that needs to look at my own boundaries. How do I know this? Because I work for myself and one day, I realised I had no one to blame!

So how do you know when a list is helpful and when a list is risky? It was my partner that pointed this out to me, as I was huffing and sighing looking at the many lists on my phone. A solution to this was to make just one place where I stored my ‘to-do’ instead of a million note books, post-its, laptop notes and wall calendars!  And eventually, the way my lists were done, evolved. What seems key to this process is simplification.

Keep it simple

Sometimes we just need to simplify our lives. With so much stimulation and endless choices going on around us and can feel overwhelming, overstimulation.

It can be so good to cut back on the things which are really not important and may have to ask yourself some difficult questions to decide what these are. For example, if I need to buy a new pair of trainers, I’m not going to put it on my list anymore, if I walk past a shop that sells them it’ll trigger my memory and I’ll go in and buy it. If it’s not desperately important then you have to learn to not put everything on your list.

So how do we get the balance between remembering the important things but without making obsessive lists?

and how do we make use of the tools available without overdoing it excessively? 

What I’ve found that works for me

There are some different techniques and styles I’d like to share with you that I’ve found to be the least anxiety-inducing for me. I get a piece of paper and divide it by 4 (which can be done online).  People similar to me would be tempted to add even more categories but try to keep this as simple as possible. 

My work one is:

  • Quick replies
  • Quick jobs
  • Longer jobs
  • Business strategy

I keep my personal list on my phone and I can just tap into it easily as well as add any quick thoughts or ideas but I don’t leave these on my phone. I will later add them into my list with 4 quadrants and delete stuff that is not important.

Other ways to divide them are in 3’s:

  • Now, later, wish list
  • Today, this week, this month
  • Urgent, personal, work

Something I have found myself is I get really excited about new projects and new ideas but this is where a separate book for wishes and crazy ideas can be helpful just to get these out of your head. Chances are you may look back and realise those ideas do not suit you anymore and you can just cross these off rather than being hard on yourself that you’ve not completed them. 

Each day I take out of that list and decide to get the big jobs out of the way, then when I’m feeling fatigued, I go and do a lot of quick jobs, which helps me feel productive and gets them off the list. 

In summary 

It’s all about what works best for you so test them out and see what makes you feel the calmest, go with your gut.  Whenever you feel those anxiety symptoms coming up in your body:

  1. Step back – observe yourself
  2. Strip back – what can be deleted or moved somewhere, even delegated?
  3. Refocus – what is important NOW?

We are just one person, with 24 hours, 7 days a week.  We cannot do everything. Be strategic and choose. You can read more about when life gets overwhelming on my blog ‘NLP Life-Wheel’ with a great tool on there to manage it.

© Inspire and Rewire 2020