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WitIMG_7195h 14 years experience at strategic level (Head of Group Learning & Development) we have experience of leadings and driving huge change initiatives throughout large organisations spanning over several countries.  With this behavioural understanding, Learn & Affirm aim to unleash the power of a learning organisation through encouraging a collaborative and creative culture, driven by unique individual empowerment, self-leadership and shared values via;

– Consultancy

– Workshops & Talks

– Leadership Retreats

Aiming to bridge the gap between personal and professional development, Learn & Affirm provide speaker sessions with various companies and attends as Guest Speaker at Regional L & D conferences.  A full list of topics and companies worked for can be found on www.learnandaffirm.com presented in an interactive environment.  Based in Chester, Cheshire, Flintshire and North Wales.

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Developing leadership through workshops and talks

  • Management/ Leadership Training or other staff:
  • Talent and their need for personal development
  • Insights (colour psychometrics) based on the Jungian philosophy
  • Mind and Body connection
  • The power of positive thinking
  • Culture understanding
  • New Manager confidence building (newly promoted or about to be) or transfers
  • New Managers to Dubai
  • Motivating employees
  • The importance of feedback and the balance
  • 70:20:10 philosophy with examples
  • NLP and coaching (or without) and/ or various tools and methods for wellness

Topics for Inspire & Rewire cover:

  • Theory of the Mind: subconscious choices
  • Mindfulness in Waking Meditation
  • The Power of Positive Thought, Feelings and Intensions
  • Balanced Life – Ditch the Resolutions
  • Yoga and Meditation Benefits
  • Learning, Development and the Mind/ Body connection

insightsInsights Discovery full day workshops and employee profiling with coaching support.  Insights Discovery is an indispensable tool that recognises an individual’s behaviour to help improve communication, decision making and performance.  CLICK HERE for more info

Understand yourself and others

Gain a deep insight into yourself and your colleagues. Uncover meaning in preferences and behaviour. Learn to adapt and connect with others to create strong and effective relationships…

Insights Discovery is ideal if you want to:

  • understand your unique personality
  • develop your interpersonal skills
  • improve your communication
  • create better personal and professional relationships

Companies we work with:









Corporate Workshop Feedback samples.  Click HERE for full feedback.

I found the session very informative and I enjoyed it far more than I have expected too. Having the information session before actually doing any of the exercises meant that it all made more sense to me. It has made me reflect on myself, my expectations and how I deal with situations where if I took more time to process things the outcome could be very different and more effective. I am definitely interested in attending more sessions and learning more about mindfulness and techniques that might be useful to me. I found Nicola really friendly and engaging and her style of presenting and training made me feel relaxed, not feeling like you were going to be made to answer questions or that we were being ‘converted’, Nicola really acknowledged that mindfulness is not for everyone and that is ok! It was a
very relaxed and informative session.

I found this session so interesting and engaging. It’s an area/topic I am familiar with but to have this reinforced in a work environment, I feel, is a step in the right direction in terms of bringing the concept of well-being into the workplace.

This was an absolutely fantastic session that I learnt so much from. Nicola was brilliant and pitched the session perfectly. What warmed me straight away to the  session was how she presented herself as non-judgmental, not suggesting she knew all the answers or that her techniques are the best and will give you the perfect life. Her knowledge of the subject was fantastic and she relayed it in an understandable format. The task with the Insights cards was very powerful to me. I am definitely going to look into attending another of her sessions to learn more. There was so much from the session that I can transfer to the way I work, as a lot of different mind sets she
mentioned were ones I was guilty of holding onto. I am definitely going to try her techniques and read up more about mindfulness. I think it was just what we all needed!

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